The Composite Awareness Course is offered by our partner: KVE Composites Repair and is hosted in the facility of the ACC.

The content of composite materials in the new generation aircraft is growing tremendously. For example, the Boeing 787 and Airbus 350 both have more than 50% by weight in composite materials. Currently, technicians predominantly have an educational background in which composites have a very marginal position. Nowadays, these technicians are confronted more and more with repairs in composite materials, both on components or on-wing.

Within the aircraft MRO, a lack of awareness on composite related issues exist and so far, there are no obligations established by the authorities to train technicians according certain standard. The Commercial Aviation Composites Repair Committee (CACRC) has published an Aerospace Information Report (AIR), in which the objectives for a typical composite awareness course have been defined.


KVE Composites Repair has set up an intensive 5- days course in which all these objectives are met.


The contents of the course contains both theoretical classes and practical workshops which are alternated during the 5 days. Particular attention is given to typical composite materials, processes of laminating and curing resins, the use of tools and support equipment, and inspection techniques for composites. All in-class product examples and provided samples are aerospace related.